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Shipping Fee Test
Custom Label Stickers
Folding Water Bag & Tank
Water Bag
Water Tank
Kraft Paper Bags
3-side Seal
3-side Seal Zipper
3-side Zipper with Window
Brown Kraft Stand up
Brown Kraft Stand up with Window
White Kraft Paper Bags
White Kraft Paper Bags with Window
Coffee & Tea Bags
Side Gusset Plastic Tea Bags
Side Gusset Plastic Coffee Bags
Side Gusset Kraft Tea Bags
Side Gusset Kraft Coffee Bags
Stand up Kraft Tea Bags
Stand up Kraft Coffee Bags
Quad Seal Kraft
Folded Bottom Kraft
4-side Seal Kraft
(Pure) Aluminum Foil Bags
Aluminum Retort Bag
3-side Seal Foil
3-side Seal Zipper Foil
3-side Seal Light & Shade Bags
3-side Zipper Light & Shade Bags
Stand up
Aluminized Bags
3-side Seal Aluminized
3-side Light & Shade Aluminized
3-side Seal Zipper Light & Shade Aluminized
Stand up Aluminized
Stand up Aluminized with Clear Window
Stand up Aluminized Light & Shade
Quad Seal Bags
Clear Quad Seal
Frosted Quad Seal
Aluminized with Window
Aluminized Light & Shade
Pure Aluminum
Kraft Paper
Kraft Paper Foil
Kraft Paper with Window
Laser Foil with Window
Special Style
Vacuum Bags
Clear Vacuum Film
0.16mm PET + PE
0.16mm PA + PE
0.24mm PA + PE
0.32mm PA + PE
Netted Vacuum Bags
Retort Vacuum Bags
3-side Seal for Rice
Side Gusset for Rice
Common Plastic Bags
Clear Stand up
Frosted Stand up
3-side Zipper (Clear)
3-side Zipper (Pearlized)
For Cake & Biscuit
Single-layer PE Zipper Bags
EVA Jewelry & Iphone Bags
Shopping Bags
Kraft Shopping Bags
Vest Shopping Bags
Supermarket Roll Bags
Flat Non-woven Bags
Non-woven Bags with Handle
Fast Food & Bread Bags
Paper Fast Food Bags
Paper Bread Bags
Underwear Bags
Cotton Paper Bags
Fruit Bags
Garbage Bags
Kraft Paper Boxes
Packing Machines
Heat Sealer
Vacuum Sealer
Packing Related Products

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